Frequently asked questions

A MicroPower chip is a tiny semiconductor device that creates electricity from the temperature differential between its hot side and cold side.
An individual chip would be too small for most applications, so multiple chips are packaged into a MicroPower module which fits the geometry of a particular application.
This can be achieved by intelligent system design, and cooling by air, water, heat sink or even a fan if necessary.
MicroPower’s technology has obtained independent, third-party validation from internationally recognized sources including the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST, formerly the National Bureau of Standards), which confirmed initial private measurement techniques and results. Two reports were issued, both verifying and supporting the performance claims and data.

In 2006, key elements of the technology had an entire chapter dedicated to it in the Thermoelectrics Handbook – Macro to Nano (D.M. Rowe, 2006, CRC Press), an industry recognized guide to key developments in thermoelectrics.

In the course of this verification stage by the scientific community and third party labs, the MicroPower process has been used and tested on two materials – mercury cadmium telluride and indium antimonide. The Company has selected lead telluride and TAGS as the materials of choice for MicroPower’s first commercial products, and ultimately to meet the requirements of the waste heat markets.

The significant work that the Company has carried out on lead telluride has been verified by Texas State University, and the US Army Research Labs (“ARL”) have independently tested certain of MicroPower’s material, describing it as “best in class”.

MicroPower’s policy is to protect its inventions with US and international patents. The company currently holds 44 patents and patents pending.
Additional patent applications will be filed on an ongoing basis as and when new technical discoveries are made, so as to continually strengthen the intellectual property base.
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