MicroPower News

Press Release

December 2019

Triton Systems to use MicroPower’s Thermo-electric Generators

MicroPower Global Corporation issued a Letter of Support to Triton Systems Inc. for a collaborative product development effort to build and integrate…

Press Release

November 2019

MicroPower Rolls Out High Efficiency Plug & Play Power Generators

PowerBlock, PowerRing, PowerDisc and PowerLog systems provide ready to use solutions for a variety of applications without the need for extensive…

Press Release

July 2019

MicroPower and TAI to Present at the Defense TechConnect Summit

A project proposal for providing continuous power on the moon, drafted jointly by MicroPower and TAI for NASA, has been selected by TechConnect..

Press Release

May 2019

MicroPower Global Appoints Guy Swayne as a Non-Executive Director

MicroPower Global Limited today announced the appointment of Guy Swayne to the Company’s board as a Non-Executive Director….

Press Release

December 2018

TAI and MicroPower Complete Phase 1 of Product Development

TAI and MicroPower have successfully completed the first phase of a collaborative product development effort to build portable power generators for the US Army…

Press Release

February 2018

ThermAvant Begins to Purchase and Test MicroPower’s TE Modules

ThermAvant Technologies has purchased an initial set of MicroPower’s thermoelectric modules for possible use in military power generation systems…

Press Release

April 2017

MicroPower Receives Certificate Of Recognition From DOC

MicroPower believes strongly in helping to promote the local economic initiatives in Central Texas. Over the years, a strong working relationship…

Press Release

March 2017

MicroPower & RSI Team Up To Develop Thermoelectric Solutions

MicroPower’s product development and marketing effort has gained significant momentum after joining forces with RSI, a well-recognized integrated…

Press Release

January 2017

Dr. Tom Zirkle Joins Thermoelectric Industry Advisory Board

Dr. Thomas Zirkle has agreed to join a Thermoelectric Industry Advisory Board that receives rapid notification of the research developments…

Press Release

March 2016

Third Party Testing Confirms High Quality Of MicroPower’s Modules

Third party testing of the company’s modules has confirmed that they significantly outperform other thermoelectric products in the marketplace…

Press Release

March 2016

MicroPower To Present At Global Cleantech Summit 2016 In Beijing

MicroPower Global has been selected as one of the leading cleantech companies to present at The Global Cleantech Summit 2016 in Beijing in March…

Press Release

February 2016

MicroPower Announced As Winner Of Innovation Award

MicroPower Global was today announced as the winner of the Dick Burdick Award at the Greater San Marcos Partnership’s Innovation Summit…


June 2015

New MicroPower Corporate Video

MicroPower releases a new corporate video detailing key aspects of the company’s thermoelectric technology and its usage throughout industry…

Press Release

December 2014

MicroPower Acquires CRL Technology

MicroPower announces the successful transfer of ingot formation processes and equipment from CRL to its manufacturing facility in Texas…

Press Release

July 2014

Jeff Pferd Joins Advisory Team

MicroPower Global today announces the appointment of senior Halliburton Chief Advisor and Thought Leader, Jeff Pferd, PhD., to its advisory team…

Press Release

July 2014

MicroPower & OSPRE To Generate Electricity From Waste Heat

MicroPower announces an agreement with UK-based electricity-from-waste organization The Clean Gas Company (formerly OSPRE)…

Alternative Energy Magazine

August 2013

MicroPower Ready To Realise Potential Of Thermoelectrics

Thermoelectric technology has had a tough time since the 1950’s whilst other members of the semiconductor family rocketed to world celebrity status…


July 2013

World’s most efficient semiconductor chip triples waste heat conversion

One approach to solving our energy woes is to attempt to recapture some of the waste from processes and turn it back into energy…

Compound Semiconductor

July 2013

MicroPower to use Texas State MBE

MicroPower announces the successful transfer of ingot formation processes and equipment from CRL to its manufacturing facility in Texas…

Renewable Energy Magazine

June 2013

Interview: The heat is on

Max Lewinsohn from MicroPower tells Renewable Energy Magazine all about the company’s new semiconductor chip…

Press Release

February 2013

MicroPower at CleanEquity Monaco

MicroPower Global Limited will present at CleanEquity Monaco 2013 on March 7th & 8th at the Sporting d’Hiver, Monaco…

Press Release

November 2012

MicroPower In New STAR Park

Texas State University today opened the doors to its off-campus Science, Technology and Advanced Research Park, and welcomed MicroPower…

Press Release

July 2010

New Faces Join MicroPower Board

Energy technology specialists MicroPower Global Limited announces the appointment of Tristan Lewinsohn and Tim Kenny to the company’s board…

Press Release

March 2010

MicroPower Closes Funding Round

MicroPower Global Limited today announces the successful initial closing of its PPM having exceeded the minimum target of $2.5m…