MPG Token

Increasing Energy Efficiency to Deliver
Financial & Environmental Benefits


The application of breakthrough thermoelectric technologies and utilization of waste heat from high energy consuming industry processes can be used for Bitcoin mining and other purposes.

The result is environmentally friendly mined Bitcoins, using energy that would otherwise have been wasted and disappeared into thin air. Instead, the waste heat is captured and converted into digital assets on site, circumventing the traditional limitations of converting waste heat to a useful resource, such as central heating or electricity into the public power grid.




What is the MPG token?

MPG token is a specialized waste heat assets investment system which enables everyone to earn interest through appreciating assets generated by waste heat. By leveraging DeFi and blockchain technology, MPG token is able to revolutionize the utilization of waste heat and offer investors competitive weekly yield payouts.

Values, Benefits and Impact

Token holders are valuable stakeholders in the MPG token ecosystem. By providing liquidity and staking the token, holders passively support the prevalence and further development of the groundbreaking thermoelectric systems from MicroPower.


Increasing energy efficiency


Diversified green tech investments


Net-zero carbon initiative

MPG Token Model - how it works

We have created a solution that allows us to make use of the value locked up in physical assets and use it to obtain yield through the DeFi markets. Our solution offers an investment vehicle for people to speculate on the future growth of MPG technologies. Proceeds from sale of MPG tokens are used to fund development and production of harnessing cheap sustainable excess energy to mine Bitcoins. The mined Bitcoin is then applied to DeFi (Decentralized Finance) and liquidity protocols which generates additional yield for MPG token holders.


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