Maarten Scholten and Neville Seymour Davis Join MicroPower Global Board

(August 21st 2020) – Hamilton, Bermuda – MicroPower Global Limited today announced the appointment of two new non-executive directors in Maarten Scholten and Neville Seymour Davis.

Maarten R. Scholten started his career at Loeff & van der Ploeg, a Dutch law firm (now part of Allen & Overy) working in the Amsterdam and New York offices after which he spent two decades in senior and executive positions at Schlumberger Ltd. During his career at Schlumberger, Maarten was Director of Legal Services, Head of Finance, President of Schlumberger Oilfield Services ECA (Europe, Africa and CIS), and Director of Mergers & Acquisitions.

From 2006 to 2009 he was co-founder and co-executive director of Delta Hydrocarbons SA (Luxemburg and Amsterdam) a private equity firm investing in the oil and gas business. Most recently, Maarten was Senior Vice-President and General Counsel of Total, where he led a team of more than 900 lawyers and compliance professionals across more than 100 countries.

In addition to his role at MicroPower, Maarten also serves as a non-executive board member and acts as an advisor/consultant for several other small and medium sized companies in the energy, healthcare/medical and industrial sectors.

Maarten said, “Having spent most of my professional career in the oil and gas  business, I know first hand how urgent it is to push the energy transition by applying high tech solutions. MicroPower is a perfect example of how to achieve this long term objective by generating electric power and lowering the overall CO² footprint simultaneously.”

Neville Seymour Davis has acquired extensive business experience over a 40-year period. His early career was in the merchant navy where he served as a deck officer. He founded his first company in 1980 and launched a substantial and successful business career.

This business ultimately became the Britannia Group of Companies, which he expanded and diversified over a 30-year period to encompass activities in the fashion, construction, metal and leather industries. He also developed another complementary group of companies in the music and entertainment industries, London Bridge Group of Companies.

Neville progressively refocused his investment activities towards addressing ecological issues and has made a variety of “angel” investments, including MicroPower, in which he was one of the founding investors.

Neville had this to say: “As something of an eco warrior, I was delighted to be invited to serve on the board of directors for MicroPower just when the company is ready to commercialise our pollution-saving technology, converting waste heat directly to clean electricity. The faster we can roll out our thermoelectric technology to major industry, the quicker we can make a difference helping to reduce its carbon footprint. Also, at a humanitarian level, being able to help millions of people off grid by providing a mobile electricity simply by boiling water, whether for cooking or purification of drinking water, is an exciting area for MicroPower’s technology.”