MicroPower rolls out high efficiency plug & play power generators

(November 10th 2019) – San Marcos, Texas – MicroPower customers can now order ready to install heat to power conversion systems. MPG PowerBlock, PowerRing, PowerDisc and PowerLog systems provide ready to use solutions for a variety of applications without the need for extensive integration work.

MPG Power products are solid state thermoelectric systems that convert heat to electricity at high efficiencies in extreme operating temperatures. The systems contain MicroPower Series 200 modules built with high performing semiconductors produced using MicroPower’s proprietary crystal growth and device manufacturing technologies.

Proprietary interconnect technology enables the systems to operate in extreme temperatures inside combustion chambers, exhaust pipes and fire boxes or on direct flames and hot surfaces. Power output can be configured based on the application’s requirements. Customized systems can be built to order based on customer specifications.

“Removing some of the complexities associated with the integration effort will make it possible for system developers to shorten design to product cycles,” said Ed Sadjadi, VP of Product Development. “We believe this added advantage can help our customers significantly.”

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