TAI and MicroPower Global Successfully Complete Phase 1 of Product Development

(December 5th, 2018) – Boulder, Colorado – Technology Applications, Inc. (TAI) and MicroPower Global Corporation (MicroPower) have successfully completed the first phase of a collaborative product development effort to build portable power generators (PPG) for the US Army. The PPG uses superior thermal exchange properties of TAI’s proprietary Graphite Fiber Thermal Straps (GFTS®) and the remarkably high efficiency and durability of MicroPower’s 200:2018-009A thermoelectric modules to produce at least 35 watts of electrical power per kilogram on demand. The companies entered into a collaborative agreement in September 2017, under which MicroPower provides thermoelectric modules, design engineering consultation, thermoelectric test equipment and testing services to TAI.

TAI, headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, is the world’s largest provider of thermal straps (often referred to as “flexible thermal links,” or “heat straps,”) and offers the largest product lines of custom and standard straps in the industry, in addition to consultation and test services.  Each year, TAI provides thousands of copper straps and hundreds of graphite straps to customers like NASA, JAXA, ESA, and countless aerospace organizations, electronics companies, national laboratories, and universities across the globe (www.techapps.com).  TAI also specializes in aerospace and laboratory thermal management systems and product development, developing state of the art flexible heat exchangers for the US Military and the aerospace industry.

“We have been very impressed with MicroPower’s work, the high efficiency Thermo Electric Generators and their testing of the early engineering design and prototypes,” said Brian Sperry, President, TAI. “MicroPower has been an excellent and reliable resource in terms of thermoelectric products and expertise. Their product, the 200:2018-009A TEG module, has exceeded our expectations when it comes to efficient thermoelectric power generation. Not only is their TEG product an ideal solution for our power generation needs, the team has given very helpful input and insight to the design and development of our system,” said Jamie Eyre, Sr. Thermal Engineer, TAI.

“TAI is a highly valued customer and technology partner which is established as a technology leader in thermal management system design and development. We are excited to be a part of TAI’s elite team developing this particular solution. Portable power generation is a key interest and primary focus for MicroPower and the partnership with TAI will add to our knowledge base and experience tremendously,” said Ed Sadjadi, VP of Applications Support, MicroPower Global Corporation.