ThermAvant Technologies Begins to Purchase and Test MicroPower’s TE Modules

(February 28th, 2018) – Columbia, Missouri – ThermAvant Technologies, the leading provider of custom Oscillating Heat Pipe (OHP) thermal solutions for advanced energy and technology platforms, has purchased an initial set of MicroPower’s 200:2018-009A thermoelectric modules for the purpose of evaluation and testing for possible use in military power generation systems that combine ThermAvant’s advanced OHP technology with MicroPower’s highly efficient heat to electricity conversion capabilities at temperatures of up to 1100°F (593°C).

Founded in 2007, ThermAvant continuously innovates, designs, develops and delivers custom thermal solutions to improve size, weight, performance and/or costs of advanced energy and technology platforms and new heat transfer solutions for retail, commercial and government customers. The leading provider of Oscillating Heat Pipe products, ThermAvant also offers custom cold plates, ejector refrigerators, and design & engineering services (

“I saw the first set of TEG test results here at TAT: actual watts generated were 16% better than estimated,” noted Joe Boswell, CEO and Co-Founder, ThermAvant. “It’s exciting to see actuals exceed estimates!” he added.

“Working with ThermAvant gives us an excellent opportunity to pursue yet another path to integrate our advanced thermoelectric devices with a unique and highly efficient thermal exchange technology to develop powerful lightweight portable power generators that can be used in extreme temperatures,” said Ed Sadjadi, VP of Applications Support, MicroPower Global Corporation.